This site is my own personal journey into vortex based mathematics, watch the videos in the background section to see the journey I took. then its on to my discoveries.

As a very small boy just after learning my times table up to 12. I started twelve notebooks one called the story of 1 the next called the story of 2 and so on with the story of 12 finishing the set.
In these books I’d start
1 X 1 = 1
1 X 2 = 2
1 X 3 = 3……
And so on until the book was filled. I then filled the next books in a similar fashion.
2 X 1 = 2
2 X 2 = 4
2 X 3 = 6…….
I filled all twelve of these books and why?
I have no idea however if I had of found vortex math back when I was a small boy I could have put all the books into 6 rings in a single page.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I found this page https://vortex369math.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/10-ring-sets/ when looking at google images, very cool and my mind added some information that I think you will find interesting. I would like to email it to you as I’m not able to add it as an attachment here. If you are interested please email me.

    it’s basically just showing some other patterns and a suggestion for color coding your work in a new way to help understand the relationships between number. Hope to hear from you, thanks for your work. Penny Golden

    • Hi penny
      Id love to see what you have discovered.
      Im so behind in releasing everything i discovered already.
      I dont know how to email you though.
      Kindest regards

      • How do we email you Maff? I had to put my email address in the box below. Can you respond to that? I have an interesting question for you about vortex math. It’s not something I want to make public because it is a little far fetched. Thanks sir.

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