This site is my own personal journey into vortex based mathematics, watch the videos in the background section to see the journey I took. then its on to my discoveries.

As a very small boy just after learning my times table up to 12. I started twelve notebooks one called the story of 1 the next called the story of 2 and so on with the story of 12 finishing the set.
In these books I’d start
1 X 1 = 1
1 X 2 = 2
1 X 3 = 3……
And so on until the book was filled. I then filled the next books in a similar fashion.
2 X 1 = 2
2 X 2 = 4
2 X 3 = 6…….
I filled all twelve of these books and why?
I have no idea however if I had of found vortex math back when I was a small boy I could have put all the books into 6 rings in a single page.


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