Welcome to vortex based (female) math

This is where I am going to be sharing my discoveries in vortex based math.
I must stress that these are the discoveries that I made on my own personal journey after discovering vortex math.
I will be starting from the beginning so if you have no previous knowledge of vortex math you should still be able to keep up.

See the background section to see the giants of this subject.


“11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.”
Maximillian Cohen
From the movie Pi.

“The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics…the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word.”
Galileo Galilei
quoted in M Kline, Mathematical thought

“Math is like love — a simple idea but it can get complicated.”
R. Drabek

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Have you seen orslahs videos on youtube, her greatest share is her website neyensequence.com oh yes this is truly changing all of what we use to believe. Im the sandra shes talking to, in her beginning videos 137 and 9, like you we started with nassim then went to marko also, always wonder why they choose seperate paths when seems like all one concept free energy. looks like a race for the rites, mean time women are sharing their research as well, awesome to see more women looking into this as well. I love the men study but while researching I kept asking Debbie wheres the women? glad to see ya, let us know what you think about our sharing.

    • Hi Sandra
      First let me tell you thay I’m a man. I use the term female math to refer to vortex math because when you start reducing numbers down to their digital root everything turns elegant and beautiful in a feminine kind of way.
      I read through the website and watched the videos and its got me thinking again.
      Its been a year since I posted an update on this blog and I still have loads to post.
      I like the alpha series I’m not so sure about the omega series because of the 0. It is my opinion that this should be a 9.
      The alpha series is the 147 family member group mixed with 369.
      I think the omega series should be 258 mixed with 369 for balance.
      Just to note 9 and 0 behave the same.
      Add any number to 9 and the digital root is the number you added. Same with 0.
      Multiply any number by 9 and the digital root is always 9. Same for 0.
      Thanks for the comment you’ve got me thinking again. I wonder what happens when the alpha series is used to start a ring set.

      • Sorry for my errors, you are MALE! MAFF and a generous one of your time and your knowledge, I thought of your site for days, there are so many others sharing, which makes me so happy, glad Debbie built her site, we can show what we see too, we also have a male study buddy in wisconsin his name is Ted, Im in Los Angeles, Debbies in Canada the three of us stayed together years studying, seems like you have been at this awhile too, its quite contagious 🙂 im sending your questions to Debbie, she will be happy to answer you, her efforts and her web page, is something to share and glad I shared it with you. I got ya thinking again and that I was helpful for you to go back to your work again, I thought someone like you might injoy Debbies site. The three of us intent, ( help people think for them self see where it takes them) I loved your questions, and I see what you mean, lets see what Debbie has to say, it is my hopes she helps you furher your growth, my excitment is the decoding, after so many years life just isnt the same. 🙂 in a good creative way. Its changed to numbers 🙂 and thats fine with me. Peace MR MAFF!

      • After a little playing I can confirm that my prediction was wrong.
        Mind = blown

    • Its been too long since ive been away.
      I’ve got so much more to add, a little while ago somebody introduced me to another concept and I just haven’t had the time to explore it properly.
      I need to get back to this it’s true passion.

  2. iHello Mr Maff Oh man so much going on and all is well, Debbie Box did another Video, on the nine square were still growing still here, I am ready with help to make youtubes about my Visions and explanation as well, I have two friends who just this past weekend went to see someone in Los Angeles whos teaching Markos math, what I know is his Knowing is quite impressive what we have is too, so I hope you continued, and that you get back with us sharing your discoveries. Debbies made what she calls the swasneyenwa oh yes that Women what can I say Debbie’s a genius, as we are too, trust My friend and those answers will come in to play. oh yes It Hasn’t Failed cause it cant once you know nine, you shine always. beyond words, this neyen or 9 have been put through some test, and win each time what ever it is it wants to prove itself That for me is wowowow, just wanted to say wazup and keep you in the 9loopwhirl, for fun and growth.
    I know you know, the fun part is sharing what it is you do.
    Sandra http://www.neyensequence.com

  3. I am a man, and I have to say this is amazing. This is what was missing. Never even occurred to me to even think in this way. Like seeing a sunlight shine down, revealing all of the missing parts of the a clock that you thought was already complete. This is impressive truly, I have been searching subconsciously for visuals representing math in this way for the past year. Something would be close but never felt exactly what I felt should be there.

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