5. Notation

You should be able to find the female number of any male number quite quickly by now, so before we move on lets take a quick look at the notation we use and how we can use it.

23=5 this is clearly wrong, twenty three does not equal five. In vortex math 23 and 5 have equal female numbers.

so we cant use the equals sign or say 23 equals 5.


23 reduces to 5. Again this is technically wrong, we can reduce two quarters to one half but we cant reduce 23 to 5.


I feel like vortex math needs a new terminology.

Because there are so many ways of finding the female number in a male number and it doesn’t matter what method you choose, I will be summing them all up into one term.

from now on I will be using the term imploding a number.

23 implodes to 5


I would also like to make a new mathematical symbol to use for this purpose, but with no way typing it, it becomes a little tricky. We can use the greater than sign as a start 23>5 as this is true, twenty three is greater than 5, I wanted to draw a circle around the end of the greater than sign >0 but over lap them, but a friend pointed out that this would confuse 23>05 this looks like the zero is part of the 5 not the symbol. So for the sake of typing I will use >) a half bracket.

23>)5 this means 23 implodes to 5.


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